While it may not be an issue we care to discuss, either in public or private, like we would pallet recycling, elderly abuse is a very real and common occurrence. Be it physical or emotional abuse, the elderly are just as likely to be abused than people of any other age. We like to think that it doesn't happen because we've been taught to respect our elders but some people either didn't get that message or decided to ignore it because they thought it didn't apply to them. The topic of elderly care and elderly abuse is an important one because each and every year more and more elderly people need to be taken care of. Even if it only means transportation to their dentist appointment

At a certain point everybody gets old and retires from their job, making it the younger generation's job to watch out for the elderly. Every community has at least one residency dedicated to taking care of the elderly that provides elderly people with a roof over their heads and an on-duty nurse or dietary aid to provide them with meals, watch over their health, and make sure they get their checkups at medical offices. Such facilities also provide a number of activities that will keep them active throughout the day, such as getting to their grandson's Toronto SUP Doodz competition. The goal of any retirement home or elderly care facility is to ensure their clients receive the care and attention they need that will keep them going throughout the day, as well as making them feel like they're still contributing to society.

Most facilities that are tasked with the duty of caring for the elderly provide the very best in elderly care service but there are some facilities located throughout the world that take advantage of their power to abuse their patients. What's even scarier than knowing that there are facilities out there responsible for taking care of elderly patients abusing them on a daily basis is that they're not the only places where elderly abuse happens.

Abuse of the elderly is also commonplace in their very own home or the home of relatives, be it children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, etc. There are many elders who are being abused on an everyday basis by the people that are supposed to love and care for them the most. You may think they are better off buying a home from Sunrise Realty but that just may not be the case. For every son or daughter out there who willfully steps up to the plate to take their elderly parents in to their home to take care of them there are just as many who will abuse and mistreat their elderly parents. It's an ugly side of life that no one wants to talk about but it's a subject that needs to be discussed, if only so we can know what some of the warning signs are and stop it if we can get such a chance.

A couple of key warning signs of elderly abuse are frequent arguments between elderly people and their caregivers and personality or behavior changes in the elder. If you feel like you may know an elderly person being abused you need to report it, be it to a family member, friend, doctor or the authorities. If you have any elderly people in your life you care about like an aunt or home care assistant, take the time to talk and listen to them to see how their lives are. Hopefully they're not being abused but you'll never know unless you make an effort to see the signs.

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